The Florida Elections Commission (FEC) is the administrative agency charged with enforcing Chapters 104 and 106 of Florida's Election Code. The agency is composed of nine appointed Commissioners and its staff is administratively housed within the Department of Legal Affairs. However, the FEC is a separate budget entity and is not subject to the control, supervision or direction of the Attorney General.

The purpose of the FEC is to ensure transparency in Florida's elections. In their capacity as quasi-judicial officers, the Commissioners adjudicate cases. Additionally, they act as the agency head. Commissioners hire an Executive Director who supervises a staff that includes legal, investigative, and administrative staff.

The FEC is not permitted to give advisory opinions to anyone. Furthermore, the FEC does not have jurisdiction over candidate qualifying issues, how elections are run or how votes get counted.

* In compliance with Executive Order 20-91, the Florida Elections Commission staff will have limited on-site office hours; employees will be conducting business from their homes until further notice. Should you need to speak with any member of the FEC staff, please call (850) 922-4539. Phone messages will be delivered to the appropriate party. Staff can also be contacted via email at*

Annual Regulatory Plan